“The first automated transit forecasting tool of its kind.”

“For commuters in Stockholm, Sweden, things may be looking up.”

Introducing The Train Brain 2.0

The first version of our service focused on automated delay prediction. Empowering customers with better and more proactive delay info is key to improving the customer experience. The Train Brain was internationally recognized and won several innovation awards for being as the world's first fully automated plug & play delay forecasting service.

But what if we applied our technology to also addressing the core problem - punctuality. Today, decision making in passenger rail is mainly made by humans. Experienced professionals yes, but human in nature. If we can make pattern recognition available to traffic planning and traffic control then The Train Brain can start automating real time decision-making and revolutionize traffic analysis.

We are now releasing version 2.0 of The Train Brain. It has a host of new features, including is real time stochastic simulations. Which will enable traffic control to simulate decisions in real time, to see how different solutions will affect all trains in the entire network. Not only now but also in the next few hours.

2.0 funktionalitet.001.jpeg