"This artificial intelligence-service will make life easier for commuters”

DI Digital Apr 24th 2017


”The TrainBrain works lika an actual brain, it remembers what happened in traffic in the past to make more precise forecasts” 

Ny Teknik Apr 26th 2017


”This smart algoritm makes public transportation better for commuters" 

DI Apr 24th 2017


”Next time your train is delayed. Rest assured, there are people working on it.” 

BBC Oct 24th 2015


”For commuters in Stockholm, Sweden, things may be looking up.”

Washington Post Oct 24th 2015


”The next-generation forecasting tool for the commuter train industry”

DAILY MAIL (GB) Oct 24th 2015


”The Commuter Prognosis will be the first automated forecasting model of its kind.”

Railway Gazette Oct 24th 2015


”Superalgoritmen ska göra pendeltågen punktligare”

Aftonbladet Oct 24th 2015


”Det unika med modellen är att den kan behandla stora mängder trafikdata snabbt och effektivt”

Aktuellt, SVT Oct 24th 2015


”Ten years ago, this mountain of data would have been unassailable, but with today’s faster machines and this new algorithm it is possible to make accurate predictions”

FORBES Oct 24th 2015


”A new algorithm that can predict when trains will be delayed, letting commuters avoid delays and better plan their travel” 

GIZMODO Oct 24th 2015


”The first automated transit forecasting tool of its kind”

VICE Oct 24th 2015


”Dieser Algorithmus die Analyse automatisch und bringt einen Lösungsvorschlag, der übernommen werden kann.”

WALL STREET ONLINE (DE) Sept 15th 2015


”New in that it is predictive instead of simply descriptive.”

Trendhunter (CAN) Sept 12th 2015



Techable (JPN) Sept 15th 2015


”La compagnie ferroviaire Stockholmstag devrait utiliser sous peu un algorithme pour mieux anticiper les retards de train… et pouvoir agir en conséquence.”

Microsoft RSLN (FRA) Sept 24th 2015